January’s Bounce Back

I’m human, I have weaknesses. I am no better or worse than anyone else. For me, weaknesses are an opportunity to be more introspective. In 2021 I realized I clump time into arbitrary chunks. “I had a bad day” could mean I had a rough 15 minutes and so my whole day is ruined. I’ve been working hard to understand why I do that and if it’s not helpful, I try to take steps to change it. Now I try and break up days into early AM, Mid AM, afternoon, evening, & night. I also let the pandemic let some steam out of my exercise routine, so I also started self-defense classes, Krav Maga. I became an orange belt after nearly 100 hours. Not all weaknesses need to be altered- I find myself still pushing back on making plans with people and my social life is hurting. Truth is, I’m enjoying having more time with family (like building that playhouse pictured) and I think I won’t be changing that soon.

Me and My Little Man, Zack, Building His New Playhouse

Your Accountabilibuddy

So you already made some New Year’s resolutions. 2022 is going to be the year you lose weight, you stop smoking, you exercise more, or spend more time with friends & family, etc…! You say, “THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT!” Millions of Americans make and break resolutions yearly. In fact, the average resolution lasts only 36 days! So how can you possibly stick to something so many people will drop before Valentine’s day? Here’s a list of ways to make that promise to be a better you last long enough, it becomes ingrained:

  • Make your goal specific. Don’t just “lose weight”, aim to lose 3 Lbs./month Limit your resolution.
  • Try focusing on only one habit to improve
  • Make a plan. If you want more exercise, write out which exercises you’re going to do, when, and for how long
  • Know your “why”. Action without rationale is pointless. know why you’ve decided to make a change in your life. Quit smoking because you want to be able to see your grandson’s first dance with his wife.
  • Have a support system. Tell your family you to tackle this obstacle you need someone to check in with you regularly to keep you accountable

Change is difficult, but attainable. Follow these tips and you can live a healthier/happier life. My mindset for staying healthy is, “I’m going to be 100 years old (God-willing) whether I go to the gym/eat less sugar/meditate or not. I can be a healthy 100 year old, or a sick one. It’s my choice.

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