4 Super Simple Things You Can (Right Now) To Prevent Your Next Fall

An adult falls every 11 seconds and is taken to the ER. The list of potential injuries are long and quite scary. broken arms, hip fractures needing replacements, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. Many people believe this is something they cannot avoid and is a part of aging, but that is false!

Falls are 100% avoidable. The best way to reduce your risk is by making changes to the biggest issues causing us to trip: Reducing tripping hazards, improve strength of your legs, increase the flexibility of your joints, practice balancing exercises, make your home more accessible.

Here are 4 specific things you can do to reduce your fall risk

  • Stretch your ankles daily. Reduce your fall risk by being able to lean forward without losing your balance. You only need 30 seconds a day on each leg to improve your flexibility. Place both hands on a wall with your feet staggered and lean forward.
  • Strengthen the muscles that help you get out of a chairs. The muscles in front of your thigh and tush help keep you upright. Practice standing up and slowly sitting back down again. I like to do these at the kitchen counter so I can use my hands help myself get up or down slowly.
  • Keep a flashlight near your bed. Aging eyes don’t acclimate to changes in light well. Prevent a late night slip. Simple fix, head out to the dollar store and save your life for a buck and change!
  • Balance your body in-line. Imagine your balancing on a tightrope, but no need to walk on it. Just stand there. Again, standing at the kitchen counter is a safe bet. too hard? Separate your feet a bit. Too easy? Really?!? Too easy? ok, try closing your eyes.
  • AN EXTRA TIP! Just for you! Sit up for 5 seconds before getting out of bed. Blood pressure changes can cause a quick drop and land you in the ER.

The cost of a fall, both monetarily and in quality of life, is not a bet anyone should make! It’s a real life Whammy

Call The Traveling Physical Therapist to schedule your fall prevention home evaluation using the code LUCK and you we will mail you our life-saving fall prevention book for FREE. Give us a call at (646)733-4737 or visit us at http://www.TheTravelingPT.com

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