Improve your luck following one rule!

I’m by far the luckiest guy I have ever met. No joke, ask anyone who knows me- if my name can be picked to win something, I can almost bank on it. I won a free wedding from a radio station! I’ve won trips while on vacation! I have a secret, and you won’t have to drop $29.95+S&H on some book to learn it (though, not a bad idea). The secret is this- I’m a firm and honest believer in karma. You get what you put into this world. If you constantly try to help others with no expectation of anything in return, then more often than not, you will be pleasantly surprised. I mean, the thing I’m most lucky for is having an amazing family and I SWEAR it’s because I’m trying to do keep the karma scale tipped heavily in my favor. I wish you all my luck this St. Paddy’s Day!

Looking for more luck? ok you got it! How about 7 more ways to improve your luck

So you’ve tried scratch offs, quick picks, megaball, and slot machines and haven’t hit it big yet. Don’t worry- your luck is about to change after these 7 doing these 7 lucky superstitions. Be warned, once you do these, you won’t be able to turn off all your good luck. Prepare for riches beyond your wildest imagination and happiness greater than ever experienced (results may vary).

1. Try crossing your fingers before your next blackjack hand to hit 21

2. Knock on wood before going on your next date to make sure their a winner.

3. Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot before reading the results of your last blood test (lucky for you, not so much the rabbit).

4. Don’t toss that horseshoe before tossing dice if you’re looking for a snake eyes.

5. Snap that wishbone and make a wish that the IRS doesn’t come knocking.

6. Go get that heads up penny off the floor and scratch off your next big winner.

7. Ok, I had 6, but 7 is a much luckier number. I think the blue dot above can be used for #7. Did you know that thing is trademarked? Hope I’m lucky enough to not get sued for having it in this blog without permission!!!

For more ways to improve your luck, gosh I don’t know- keep those karma scales tipped. For information on how to move better and enjoy a more quality-filled life, reach out to The Traveling Physical Therapist at (646) 733-4737 or visit us at

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