Fill Your Garden With Love

Spring has sprung and finally the weather is gorgeous again! My family absolutely loves to get some peat pellets and plant some seeds to watch grow and eventually harvest. Last year we tried pumpkins and we actually had a few come in!! This interest for me started with my Papa, Phil. Papa LOVED gardening. He used to tell me stories about growing up poor with 12 other brothers and sisters and how they had to plant vegetables and keep animals so they could survive. He always told me he never ate as well as he did when he was poor. As he got older, he would go to his friend Mike’s house and cultivate a beautiful garden filled with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, basil, and other delicious flora for all our families. I think about him every spring when I get my hands in the soil. I know he’d be proud that his hard work lives on through my family.

Papa helped define me as a man. I still look back to his words and his actions for help and inspiration. This past February, he would have turned 100! Unfortunately, he passed in 2011 due to complications related to Alzheimer’s disease. In honor of all he did for me and the world (he was a WWII vet), I’m raising funds for the Alzheimer’s association on Long Island. Their vision is to live in a world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia. If you’ve ever loved someone with Alzheimer’s, or if you connect with their vision, please visit the site and consider making a donation. Thank you.

I am a big proponent of never giving up what you love! If you love growing delicious vegetables or beautiful flowers, there is no reason to stop- just follow these simple tips. If all else fails, water some plastic flowers- no one will know! Limber up before hand, make sure you the right tools for the job, wear gloves and sunscreen to protect your skin, use stools instead of leaning on ground- or even better, use raised flower beds, take lots of breaks- especially if it’s hot!

Couples that get stronger together, stay together

You want to move well, and you want your spouse to move well too! Well surprise- We want that as well! Studies have shown over and over that strong, flexible, and Independent people live longer lives. Combine that with studies showing married people live happier lives- PT for both of you in your home is an absolute no-brainer!!

Set up an evaluation for you and your spouse to start moving better today and we will send you a gift to prevent falls, a motion-activated under-bed light to illuminate your way at night at absolutely no out of pocket cost. We ordered all 17 available and once they’re all gone- there are no more left.

Call us Now at (646) 733-4737 or reach out to us at

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