I Love My Moms

We all get evicted from a warm comfortable bubble being thrust into this world knowing less than nothing. It’s scary. It’s cold. There’s air instead of fluid to breathe. We scream! Suddenly a familiar voice, a newfound scent, and loving contact makes our existence beautiful. We meet our mom for the first time and now it’s all going to be ok! Moms have special powers. They make the world go round. They can fix a boo-boo with a kiss. They can find the time to be breadwinners AND never miss a play-date! Everyone has a mom, but I’m the luckiest- I’ve many moms in my life. Starting with my mother, Connie. She is and has always been an independent woman who drew tremendous strength from her beliefs. A woman who might have been counted out by others, but got up every single time she was knocked down, a testament to her will and attitude! Then there’s my wife, I have never met a single soul like her. She can do it all! The smartest and most beautiful woman I ever met. A physician who masterfully juggles her workload and her mom duties without ever having to compromise. she cooks, cleans, stays healthy, is a social butterfly, and loves so incredibly deeply! She gets all these wonderful qualities from HER mother, my mother-in-law Val, who might as well have been torn right from the pages of a princess storybook. And not to leave out both Val’s and my mother’s moms, Natalie and Adele respectfully. These women have had an incredible impact on me and on EVERY person they have encountered. I’m blessed to have these wonderful role models, and to show my appreciation, I teach my daughter to be loving, hard-working, kind, strong, dedicated and passionate so she too may have the opportunity to be an amazing mom if she chooses to be. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. We love you all.

Being a Mom Can Sometime Can Be a Real Pain in the Neck!!

Maybe you’re not carrying around your littlest one anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not still suffering from the effects of it. If you ever wake up with neck pain, have pain that sometimes travels into the shoulder or down your arm, have a bent over posture, or need many pillows at night to prevent pain- We have just the trick for you! Our cervical (neck) evaluation takes into account the bones, muscles, nerves, spinal cord, discs, and joints associated with your neck to help us make you feel stronger, more flexible, and help reduce your pain!

Here are the best things you can do to start feeling better today…

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